Adam Schurr

Field Investigator

Adam Schurr is a field investigator who brings decades of investigative acumen and experience to private industry. Investigator Schurr was raised in southeastern Pennsylvania and upon graduating high school he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Investigator Schurr served for four years in the Marine Corps attaining the rank of Corporal. It was during his military service that Investigator Schurr was introduced to the concepts and impact of loyal service.

In 1996, Investigator Schurr was hired by the Norristown Police Department (PA), where he served in various roles such as patrolman, undercover officer and detective. Investigator Schurr has many career highlights as a police officer, such as serving undercover in a specialized unit that focused on quality-of-life crimes like narcotics and prostitution. Investigator Schurr was handpicked to participate in this specialized unit and the impact on the local community was noticed as crime was reduced.

Investigator Schurr was promoted to Detective and served many years investigating crimes such as robberies, assaults, sex crimes, homicides, and other major crimes. Investigator Schurr’s well-rounded career continued and he was later selected to lead the Community Oriented Police Engagement (COPE) Unit. This unit was dedicated to addressing community concerns. Investigator Schurr’s impact on the community of Norristown is felt by many who personally know of the contributions made by the Norristown Police specialized unit during that time. The public safety of the Norristown community is in a better place today largely because of the unheralded efforts of community stakeholders like Investigator Schurr and others like him.

Upon retiring from the Norristown Police Department, Investigator Schurr joined by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, formerly led by the now Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro. Working as a state narcotics agent, Investigator Schurr was assigned to the Philadelphia BNI Narcotics Division. Between 2018-2023, Investigator Schurr was on the front lines in one of the most dangerous cities in America related to the fentanyl crisis. For nearly five years, Investigator Schurr served in drug compromises neighborhoods in Philadelphia putting his safety on the line to fight drug trafficking and help restore order to neighborhoods plagued by drugs, prostitution and destitute.

Additionally, due to his abilities Investigator Schurr was recruited to serve on the protection detail for then Attorney General Shapiro. Investigator Schurr retired from law enforcement in 2023 after 28 years of public service. Including his military service, Investigator Schurr has faithfully served the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Norristown community for 32 years!

Investigator Schurr is a dedicated father and has committed his life to serving others. He is always seeking to make an impact on others and add value to the safety of communities everywhere.